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What is friendship?

A most beautiful, most trustworthy relation ever in mankind.

Friend is a SHIP which will carry you to sea of joy, happyness.

This ship can take you away from your pain, your sorrows.




Who is friend

with whom you can fight on small small pizza khaya? Muje kyu nahi bulaya?

who will come with you in secondclass compartment in train even if he has first class pass, that’s a friend

on your small successes in anything, they will ask, chal party de..!

That’s a friend




when you found any G.F and if you forget to tell him, then they will say,

bas dost ladki mili dost ko bhul gaya

that’s a friend

when you forget friends birthday,

suddenly you realize oh god i missed it,

you go to friends home directly,with half kg moginese cake, and try to convince him,

abe birthdaywale din to koi bhi chu_ _ _ bhi tuje wish karega,

apni dosti dekh birthday k bad bhi hum party mana rahe he,

that’s a friend



when two days before your exam you go to friend’s place for study,

suddenly one of them feels bore

and you will spend whole night by watching new movie spidermen 2 along with your friend

that’s a friend

irritating you for your each and every bad habit that’s a friend

never shy to fight on railway plateform

for small issue and after that say sorry to each other and behaves like nothing happend

that’s a friend



when you hospitalized,

they will tell you,

sahi he yaar ,yaha pe nurse ekdum item he,chal me bhi admit ho jata hoon

that’s a friend


A friend is not a Psychiatrist,

A Qualified Person who gives U an Expensive, Critical Analysis about URself,

which ur frnds give U “Free” of Cost Daily.!




Relly i will never forget those idiots

in my life

jane nahi denge tuje,

jane tuje denge nahi

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