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Multi Store Demo on Magento

[1]. two video)


Yahoo store
Info about Yahoo Shop Fully Detailed


As per analysis Yahoo store is PAID store.
It has different plans and depending on different plans it have different features
i.e Here we need feature like API for export Product and Category data.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Yahoo Store advantages:
+ Good statistics and reports
+ Up-sell and cross-sell during checkout
+ 380 website templates

Yahoo Store disadvantages:
– All plans are paid (Starter $39.95/month, Standart $129.95/month, Professional $299.95/month)
– 1.5% charge is added to every purchase transaction

You can migrate the following entities:

– currencies
– manufacturers
– product categories
– products
– product attributes
– product images
– customers
– orders
– orders statuses
You need to have the Product Catalog enabled in your Yahoo Store to perform the migration process. Click here to get more info.

Note! We do not migrate customers’ credit card information. Though, the information about customers’ billing, shipping addresses will be successfully migrated.

When the migration process is completed all registered customers will have to use password recovery form on the target shopping cart to use their profiles, due to the fact that various shopping carts use different password encryption algorithm.


why we need to migrate

Yahoo Store is a highly visible and well established online store shopping cart solution.

The Yahoo store includes a comprehensive tutorial of setting up an online store using Yahoo Store solution. With Yahoo Store the layout is improved significantly. The user can easily control fonts, colors, images and such other details. HTML tags can be embedded inside text content.

Online Store management with Yahoo Store is easy. Statistics processes and promos can be handled and managed easily through the admin feature. Order tracking and order summaries have been found to be highly popular.

However the migration assignments relating to Yahoo Store to Magento are on the rise and more and more stores want to migrate to Magento for various reasons.

eCommerce Software Solutions Online has sufficient exposure and expertise to undertake such migrations from Yahoo Store to Magneto Outsourcing Services.

Migration from Yahoo Store to Magento can be safely done in respect of product categories, attributes, customers, orders and order status, images and currency preferences.

eCommerce Software Solutions Online has experienced team to facilitate the easy migration to Magento from whichever online store platform you are presently using.


Third Party Solution
migrate yahoo shop to magento
Online Solution $69.




e.g yahoo shop

Yahoo Store Product Export

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