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This module is created using modulecreator. I have added functionality fot adding cron to it after every 30 Minutes. You can use gitk to view what change i have done it.(when i add scource code.. 🙂 i will add it soon) Now Lets say HPC = your companyname Econnector = […]

magento set cron job inside custom module

Code 1 : simple code to show ul li Thanks to : Code 2 : Using attribute to select Thanks to : Code 3 : using various functions Thanks to : Code 4 : using one function Code 5 : Export parameters to CSV Code 6 : […]

load categories outside magento

Useful Magento Links Run Magento Code Outside of Magento Export Database from Magento PHP [1]. Magento update product inventory [2]. magento admin login through curl [3]. [4].

magento custom code useful links

Made R&D on it and found following code can help us $arguments = array(array('created_at'=>array('lt'=>'2011-05-25 00:00:00'))); but this is not complete solution we needed. Afte searching hard on google finally we got some solution on following link $arguments = array( 'created_at' => array( 'from' => '2011-05-21 02:13:00', 'to' => '2011-05-22 […]

export products details filtered by ‘created_at’ field between two dates/timestamps ...