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Made R&D on it and found following code can help us $arguments = array(array('created_at'=>array('lt'=>'2011-05-25 00:00:00'))); but this is not complete solution we needed. Afte searching hard on google finally we got some solution on following link $arguments = array( 'created_at' => array( 'from' => '2011-05-21 02:13:00', 'to' => '2011-05-22 […]

export products details filtered by ‘created_at’ field between two dates/timestamps ...

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Best 6 PHP frameworks Cakephp-1.3.7: CodeIgniter_2.0.0: Symfony 2: yii-1.1.6.r2877: RainFramework 2.3: Doophp 1.4.1: Kohana-3.1: ——Lovely wordepress sites—

Best 6 PHP frameworks and some nice worpress blogs links

There’s always a little truth behind every ‘Just kidding!.’ a little knowledge behind every ‘I dont know!.’ a little emotion behind every ‘I dont care!.’ a little luv behind every ‘I hate you!.’ a little uneasiness behind every ‘I am okay!.’ a little pain behind every ‘forget it!.’ a little […]

this is the truth behind every lie