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Made R&D on it and found following code can help us $arguments = array(array('created_at'=>array('lt'=>'2011-05-25 00:00:00'))); but this is not complete solution we needed. Afte searching hard on google finally we got some solution on following link $arguments = array( 'created_at' => array( 'from' => '2011-05-21 02:13:00', 'to' => '2011-05-22 […]

export products details filtered by ‘created_at’ field between two dates/timestamps ...

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Best 6 PHP frameworks Cakephp-1.3.7: CodeIgniter_2.0.0: Symfony 2: yii-1.1.6.r2877: RainFramework 2.3: Doophp 1.4.1: Kohana-3.1: ——Lovely wordepress sites—

Best 6 PHP frameworks and some nice worpress blogs links

There’s always a little truth behind every ‘Just kidding!.’ a little knowledge behind every ‘I dont know!.’ a little emotion behind every ‘I dont care!.’ a little luv behind every ‘I hate you!.’ a little uneasiness behind every ‘I am okay!.’ a little pain behind every ‘forget it!.’ a little […]

this is the truth behind every lie

Cron Tab quick reference [1]. We have done further R&D on ‘Configurable Product in Magento’.(create,export and import). We have googled for ‘Developers Resources on Amazone’ they are listed below WSDL Developer Forums Amazon FPS Sandbox Amazon Payments Account Management website FAQs (link 1,2 and 3 will be very much useful […]

Magento eBay Amazone Integration Guide SOAP API

જુઓ એક સોફ્ટવેઅર એન્જીનિયર જઇ રહીયો છે… પોતાના ‘પ્રોજેક્ટ’ના બોજ હેઠળ દબાઇ જઇ રહીયો છે, આ જુઓ એક સોફ્ટવેઅર એન્જીનિયર જઇ રહીયો છે… જીંદગીથી હરેલો છે, પણ ‘બગ’થી હાર નથી માનતો, પોતાની ‘એપ્લીકેશન’ ની એક એક લીટી યાદ છે, પણ આજે પગમાં ક્યા રંગના મોજા છે તે યાદ નથી, દિવસ […]

Nice lines for software engineers

something related to wordpress by which we can access two different URL for same WordPress instance(i.e same admin different front end). So we have googled for it ‘single instance word press multiple domain’. The following links are very useful for it. [1]. [2]. WordPress MU Domain Mapping Plugin [3].

Access two different URL for same WordPress instance(i.e same admin ...